Trulux Glass Options

If you want the best growing conditions,
you must have the right glass.

In order to make the best glasshouse, you start by talking to the people whose livelihood depends on them. Our experience with commercial growers has allowed us to refine our product, and specifically the type and style of our glass to ensure you get optimal performance from a Trulux Glasshouse.

Glass is the single most important ingredient for a first-class glasshouse. Different greenhouse glass types affect light in different ways. At Trulux we offer a range of glass types, each one designed to ensure you get maximum growth from your plants.

Depending on the glass you choose, each Trulux option uses 3.5mm – 4mm AS/NZS2208 toughened Safety glass (3-5 times stronger than regular 4mm glass). Our glass can withstand bikes, balls, snow, hail and wind and it will not deteriorate or become cloudy over time.

Visibility & Light.

Made from premium grade architectural glass, Trulux Clear features high light transmission, high UVB levels and gives your glasshouse a lovely traditional look. Trulux clear glass provides maximum visibility and light with minimal shading properties.

Maximum growth & performance.

Trulux Pro® is a premium glass for the serious grower. Made from a Low Fe prismatic glass it offers exceptional all round growing performance. High light transmission, along with very high PAR and UVB levels help maximise plant growth.