Quality Greenhouse Features

When we say quality, we mean quality.

Great standard features

Trulux Glasshouses provide a key-start package with quality built in two tiered shelving, a full length guttering system and down pipes, extra bracing and anchoring systems to suit. All of these features and more come as standard. For further information give us a call or come and see our entire range of models, all of which are fully functional and in the elements so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

The six principles of a Trulux® greenhouse

  • 1. Trulux glasshouses are built to last.
    New Zealand weather can be pretty tough on greenhouses, so we’ve designed ours to stand up to whatever nature can throw at it. We use high grade 6063T5 colour coated aluminium , 4mm AS/NZS2208 toughened safety glass and 316 Stainless fasteners for the entire structure of all our greenhouses. All of our greenhouses come with a comprehensive 20 year structural warrant.
  • 2. True Value.

    All Trulux greenhouses come standard with all of the extras that we believe are necessary. Safety glass, multiple automatic vent openers and louvres, full length integrated two-tiered shelving, downpipes and more. We’re confident, that if you compare the benefits offered from a Trulux Glasshouse, you’ll find that for a price that compares to most competitors, you’ll get a far superior product.

  • 3. Trulux is Proven.

    Over time and working directly with commercial growers we have learnt what works best and we use this knowledge to keep improving our products, and developing a range that’s perfect for domestic use.

  • 4. Simple to install, easy to use.

    Our glasshouses come with clear installation instructions and tips on where to locate it on your property. The come with automatic window vents to prevent them from over-heating in summer, and the quality materials mean that your day to day use of a Trulux glasshouse will be a pleasure.

  • 5. Trulux performs.

    We believe the entire point of getting a glasshouse is to support plant growth. Trulux Pro® glass will give you more light transmission than any other standard greenhouse on the market. We have three types of specialised growing glass, each one promoting maximum growth to a variety of different plant types. Make sure you get a glasshouse that can deliver the performance you’re wanting.

  • 6. True support.

    We stand behind everything we build, so we have no hesitation about giving every one of our customers complete support.

    Not all glasshouses are created equal. Which is why people who take the time to find the best glasshouse, inevitably choose Trulux.